Merk Electronic has been working more than 25 years in the business of electronic measurement and controls.
Starting 1974 at Herford with the development of Transmitters to transform low and high currents, low and high voltages and the variation of resistances into measuring signals like 0...20mA= or 0...10V= for (remote) process controls - and 1982 with the Digitronic Control, a computing system to control and steer machinery and processes - and 1983 with Multipliers for currents and voltages, we now since 1992 build up the OmniSystem Line with Digital Electricity Meters for measuring the electric energy flowing through one to three phases.
This new technology offers low power consumption, long service life times, high accuracy, detecting of tamper and fraud, no sensitiveness to magnetic fields, smal dimensions, low weight and lower costs.

One Phase Digital Electricity Meter

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